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Estate Planning & Probate

Estate Planning is not just for seniors!   Parents of young children don't like to the think about the possibility of losing their partner or dying when their children are young, but death can strike at any time. 

My brother died at 44 in the middle of a racquetball game.  He had a stay at home wife and two teenage kids. My husband of 21 years died suddenly at age 53.  These are not isolated situations.  Young families need to think about legacy planning, insurance and who would raise their kids if they died unexpectedly.

 I have seen families torn apart over having to decide whether to keep a relative on a feeding tube or discontinue hydration. Does your family agree about when is it ok to medicate a loved one so they won't get thrown out of the nursing home for being disruptive?

Do you want control over how long you get to live alone and  when or if you go to assisted living?  

Estate Planning is not just about a will, it is protecting your legacy and your dignity. 

Uncontested probate cases will also be handled.

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