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Expedited Estate Planning 

Estate Planning is not just for seniors!   Parents of young children don't like to the think about the possibility of losing their partner or dying when their children are young, but death can strike at any time.  

My brother died at 44 in the middle of a racquetball game.  He had a stay at home wife and two teenage kids. My husband of 21 years died suddenly at age 53.  These are not isolated situations.  Young families need to think about legacy planning, insurance and who would raise their kids if they died unexpectedly.

 I have seen families torn apart over having to decide whether to keep a relative on a feeding tube or discontinue hydration. Does your family agree about when is it ok to medicate a loved one so they won't get thrown out of the nursing home for being disruptive?

Do you want control over how long you get to live alone and  when or if you go to assisted living?  

Estate Planning is not just about a will, it is protecting your legacy and your dignity. 


1.  Initial call or email to arrange time to talk and initial payment.  

2. Initial consult charge is $150 for up to 30 minutes. Payment must be received before consult.

3. Phone or Skype consult (for couples please have both decision makers)

4. After consult If you decide not to proceed there is no additional charge.  If you decide to proceed the $150 will be applied toward your package.  The minimum package is $1200 for a single, $1500 couple with mirrored documents.  

5. Once payment received - we will review worksheet together by phone or skype.

6. Drafts of documents emailed in 7 to 10 days 

7. Client reviews and approves documents 7 to 10 days

8. Signing scheduled - 2 witnesses and a notary are needed - we will discuss who, what and where 

9. Signing 7 to 10 days

Total Process 30 days

Yes - we can expedite if needed and this can all happen in 2-3 days! (expedite fees apply)

Basic Package (which will be all that most people need) Includes:

  • Will 
  • Power of Attorney (Medical and Durable)
  • Directive to Physicians (Living Will/Do Not Resuscitate)
  • Declaration of Guardian in case of later need
  • Deed (maximum 1, if needed)

Additional Documents You May Need which would involve additional charges:

  • Mental Health Power of Attorney
  • Living Trust
  • Designation of Agent for Remains
  • Lady Bird Deed 
  • Additional Deeds

We DON'T  do individual documents unless we are also doing your basic package at the same time.

We DON'T handle assets outside of US.