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Our firm specializes in helping corporations and small businesses with all their legal needs and help you in all your business endeavors.

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Joan Durkin

Practicing law since the 1980's  representing individuals and businesses while operating a number of small businesses including vending, car washes, a pet store, real estate rentals and investements provides a broaf based foundation to consult with small businesses.


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We've been practicing business law for over 25 years and we've found that our clients truly appreciate the time and effort we put into every aspect of their business. We're here to help you succeed and that's something we don't take lightly.

Joan Durkin will meet with you in brainstorming sessions to get to know your business and  listen to your needs so we can help you accomplish your business goals.   We know that  having an attorney that really knows your operation can increase our effectiveness so we  have found that retainers that guarantee you access to the attorney without worrying about every tenth of an hour allows for long term relationships which is why we operate on  a fixed recurring retainer basis.